Omaha Municipal Land Bank

Opportunity is moving in.

The Omaha Municipal Land Bank is a nonprofit government organization working to transform Omaha’s distressed properties into positive community assets via acquisition, demolition and sustainable spaces. We conducted research, developed a strategic platform and penned the line “Opportunity is moving in” to pay off their mission. We then launched it into the community via yard signs, moving boxes, door hangers, socials channels and, of course, a website. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

Omaha Land Bank city scape
Omaha Municipal Land Bank brochure
Omaha Municipal Land Bank icons
Omaha Land Bank doorhanger
Omaha Land Bank tape

In March 2017, the website garnered 300 sessions with an average duration time of 01:38; 70.75% of these sessions were new visitors to the site.

Omaha Land Bank website

New Business

Kevin Hutchison

Vice President of Client Relations and Business Development



Ann Pedersen

Director of Strategic Communications and Public Relations