Sirius + IBM QRadar

Game over, cyberattackers.

Sirius and IBM QRadar help IT experts proactively monitor billions of cyberthreats and prioritize them into a handful of actionable offenses. How to best reach this 35-to-55-year-old IT audience? A Pac Man-inspired campaign of course. This multi-touch campaign revealed how to gobble up security threats and win against cyberattackers, drawing in viewers with its bright, nostalgic graphics and handheld Pac Man incentive. Comprised of two emails, a postcard, social media and a landing page, this five-week-long campaign returned $626K of new contracts, a ROI 31 times the $20K investment. Game on!


Emails experienced a 7.0% open rate; and the landing page witnessed 302 unique visitors resulting in 11 qualified proof-of-value appointments totaling $686,252 in the sales pipeline.

Landing Page

New Business

Kevin Hutchison

Vice President of Client Relations and Business Development



Ann Pedersen

Director of Strategic Communications and Public Relations