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Our proprietary research studies—o.VOC™, o.VOE™ and o.BLR™—are scalable depending on your wants, needs and flowchart desires. These studies are the foundation for all work that moves through our agency, helping us deliver those results we like to talk about so much. Which research study is right for you? Connect with us and find out.


Designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ brand experiences and your industry competition, the O’Brien Voice of the Customer (o.VOC™) combines quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. We identify differentiation, opportunities for excellence, appropriate messaging and marketing/operational approaches and provide an action plan to ensure that you are poised to provide a best-in-class experience. Our CEO talks o.VOC™. Watch now.


The O’Brien Voice of the Employee (o.VOE™) is a study to understand, from an internal perspective, employee and key stakeholder brand perception, brand differentiators and customer consideration drivers. The o.VOE analyzes the internal views within an organization or business and compares those findings to o.VOC findings. We look for gaps between the two audiences and use those gaps to align the internal culture with all external strategic communications.


The O’Brien Brand Landscape Review (o.BLR™) is designed to statistically quantify unaided and aided awareness, brand favorability, brand equity, consideration drivers, and current satisfaction. Provided in the review: comprehensive findings, a top-line visual of the typical customer journey, executive summary and an actionable recommendations report.

Zirobi CX360

In a joint venture with Zirous — a leading tech services provider — we created Zirobi CX360, a solution that combines technology, AI and strategic insights to deliver a unified, 360-degree view of your customer. Our data strategists systematically and thoughtfully layer data and analytics to map the customer journey, identifying key intersections along the way, then centralize this data for easy consumption. The result? Better processes, better customer communication and better overall profitability. Discover more.

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Strategic Communications

Advertising campaigns. Integrated media campaigns. Public relations campaigns. Every campaign we deliver is strategic. How? We develop a messaging and communications strategy to be executed across all identified target audiences and recommended communications channels. And stick to it. Let’s strategize together.

Brand Platform

We interrogate your current mission, vision, values, positioning and brand tone based on our research findings and rework if necessary. We also craft personas, sample messaging and a master copy platform that informs all communications and copy.

Go-To-Market Plan

Using the research, the approved communications and messaging strategy and our vast experience in media and public relations, we develop an integrated marketing plan to reach your target audiences. The plan could include: paid advertising, direct mail, social media, content marketing, sales tactics, public relations, donor relations, website recommendations, personal branding for key leaders, thought leadership tactics and/or other non-traditional tactics.

Social Media and Content Strategy

Many great companies struggle, and fail, in the social realm because they don’t communicate in meaningful ways or don’t have a strategy for converting online contacts into brand loyalists and influencers. We can help you soar by:

1) determining your target audiences and what motivates them,

2) developing content, testing content and deciphering what content best resonates and

3) continuing to post and analyze, post and analyze, post and analyze.

Public Relations

We use the “PESO” model when developing a public relations campaign for our clients. PESO stands for:

Paid media: using a channel other than your own website to advertise your content;

Earned media: the traditional form of public relations (press releases/pitching stories);

Shared media: using social media channels where followers share your content with followers of their own; and

Owned content: the content shared on your own channels, such as a blog post on your website.

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Research? Check. Strategy? Check. Now we bring it to life. Our team of copywriters, designers and web developers excel at delivering fresh and functional brand identities, websites, advertising campaigns and more. We use the research and strategy to support the creative, collaborating with you every step of the way. Great results follow.

Branding/Identity Development

Our approach to branding is simple and strategic: we use the research and strategy to create a brand identity that is meaningful, powerful and can stand the test of time. Our team of designers pride themselves on creating logos and brand elements that differentiate you from your competition and resonate with your target audiences. We know your brand is much more than your name or logo, but this is where it all begins.

Integrated Campaigns

An integrated campaign crosses many channels—digital, outdoor, social, print, broadcast and more—with a consistent look and feel. We dive into the research and strategy to identify challenges and objectives, brainstorm, brainstorm some more then craft compelling messaging and experiences across multiple mediums.


Our designers and copywriters are some of the best in the business with strengths in ideation, execution, strategy and adaptability. From developing the concept to establishing an authentic tone of voice to delivering the final product, our team works together to seamlessly integrate art and copy.

Website Design/Development

It all begins with a (recommended) SEO audit, content outline, sitemap and wireframes, keeping UI/UX and visual hierarchy top of mind. We then move into content development and layout before using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other programming languages to bring the design to life. Testing (lots of testing) and nurturing follows.

Live-action Video and Motion Graphics

We produce everything from broadcast and pre-roll commercials to branded content and long-form videos. Depending on your needs and the recommended medium, we decide on live-action or motion graphics then move into creative concepting, scriptwriting and storyboarding, working hand-in-hand with our team of producers, directors, animators, editors and sound designers.


We excel at paid search as well as traditional and digital media planning and buying. And we have the results to prove it.

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