Healthy food, happy life.

When Joshua and Christine Vollertsen returned to the Big O from the Big Apple, they sought the healthy food options they’d grown accustomed to in NYC but found Omaha to be lacking. So they did some research, discovered Oklahoma-based Coolgreens healthy eatery and decided to open a franchise of their own. Then they called OBI. To help recruit team members and prep for a delicious, socially-distanced grand opening, we pitched their story to the local press, developed a paid and organic social calendar and brought corporate’s brand standards, photography and punchy menu names to life via Facebook and Insta. Opening day (and subsequent day) sales prove that Omahans are loving the greens.

The Vollertsen’s Loveland Centre Coolgreens ranked third out of all Coolgreens locations in opening day sales. Even during a pandemic. Kale yeah.

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